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[audio]Machine - Aether
Keywords: Aether
Downloads: 580
[texts]aethersuperpack127b - www.aetherii.com
Aether Mod for Minecraft version 1.2.5 Archived from 3-13-13
Keywords: Aether Mod
Downloads: 6
[texts]Madison File
Classical Element: Aether
Keywords: Quintessence_aether
Downloads: 14
[texts]The Results of an Electrical Experiment, Involving the Relative Motion of the Earth and Ether (Volume ser.2:v.7 (1898-1902))

Keywords: relativity; Aether
Downloads: 119
Audiobook text: https://keychests.com/chest.php?ck=xpljvpv
Keywords: tesla; aether; aetherforce; science
Downloads: 14
[texts]Michelson-Morley-Experiment - Albert Abraham Michelson
Deutsche Uebersetzung der beiden Originalabhandlungen zum Michelson-Morley-Experiment von 1881 und 1887.
Keywords: Michelson; Morley; Relativitaetstheorie; Aether
Downloads: 197
[audio]The Magic Of Psychotronic Power Robert B Stone
The magic of psychotronic power audio book (computer read)Text can be found at: https://www.keychests.com/item.php?id=7643
Keywords: aether science; radionics; psychotronics
Downloads: 17
[audio]Idle Sunder - Aether II [NTT041] - Idle Sunder
When Idle Sunder's full length Aether I sequel engages, boundaries of physical reality are metamorphically translated into a sound that goes beyond words. The sources used in this work are again plucked from space observatory archives, bringing with them a mindstretching stream of rich sonic character and dream-eliciting immersive potential. Be ready when the void breaks open and the blinding light reaches out to your "inner sanctum"...
Keywords: space, drone, aether
Downloads: 5,060
[software]aetherIIfinal164 - www.aetherii.com
The Aether II modpack for Technic Launcher version 1.6.4
Keywords: Aether II; Aether; Technic; Launcher; 1.6.4
Downloads: 162
[texts]Osborne Reynolds' Sub-Mechanics of the Universe: A Structured Context for Matter, Energy, Space, Time, and PSI Phenomena.docx - Bruce Lamar Rosenberg
An exploration of the implications of an old Aether theory that provides the basis for a satisfying theory of everything including the possibility of PSI phenomena and other anomalous, phenomena.
Keywords: PSI; corporeal; structured aether; aether; space; time; dilatancy
Downloads: 1
[texts]aetherii162 - http://www.aetherii.com
Archive of Aether Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2
Keywords: Aether II 1.6.4
Downloads: 121
[audio]The Message Of The Divine Iliad Vol 2 Walter Russell
Audiobook text : https://keychests.com/~jwjcxmxlebi
Keywords: aetherforce; walter russell; cosmology; aether
Downloads: 11
[texts]Aether Force Wordpress Database
OPEN LETTER ABOUT TECHZ's WORDPRESS DATABASEEarly in November 2013, we purchased some mailing lists from Techz of Aether Force and became very disappointed.1. Techz claimed that he had a good mailing list that he was willing to sell that had almost 4000 contacts who were interested in alternative science & energy.2. For an extra amount of Bitcoin, he was willing to sell us his Wordpress Database that already had a bunch of articles in it - he was pitching this as "original content" that we could...
Keywords: aether force; techz; wordpress; database
Downloads: 27
[audio]THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD Vol 1 Walter Russell
Audiobook text https://keychests.com/~wmtncubdsps
Keywords: walter Russell; cosmology; aetherforce; aether
Downloads: 18
[texts]The Evolution of Scientific Thought - A.d'Abro
A.d'Abro The Evolution of Scientific Thought - From Newton to Einstein ( 2nd.ed.) Dover Publications Inc. 1950 Acrobat 7 Pdf 23.1 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Physics; General Relativity; Aether; Riemann
Downloads: 925 (1 review)
[texts]History Of The Theories Of Aether And Electricity Vol 2 Whitaker
History of the Aethers
Keywords: whitaker whittaker aether ether electricity
Downloads: 547
[texts]Physics Without Einstein & Modern Aether Science - Harold Aspden
from:PHYSICS WITHOUT EINSTEIN MODERN AETHER SCIENCEI first heard about the physicist Harold Aspden here.
Keywords: physics; Einstein; ether; aether; relativity
Downloads: 151
[texts]Osborne Reynolds Submechanics Of The Universe A Bridge Between Classical And Modern Physics - Bruce Lamar Rosenberg
Paper on Osborne Reynolds' Aether Theory and relevance to current  physical theories.
Keywords: relativity; cosmology; aether; physics; bohm; deBroglie; dislocations
Downloads: 2
[audio]Secrets Of Cold War Technology Project HAARP And Beyond Gerry Vassilatos
Computer read audiobook, Text http://keychests.com/item.php?v=dfhrhvzshug
Keywords: haarp; vassilatos; aetherforce; aether science; tesla
Downloads: 14
[texts]PoincareDynamikB - Henri Poincaré
"Über die Dynamik des Elektrons"; Übersetzung (2008) von Poincares zweiter Arbeit "Sur la dynamique de l'electron" vom 23. Juli 1905 (veröffentlicht im Frühjahr 1906). Sie enthält Ausführungen über das Relativitätspostulat, Lorentz-Gruppe, Lorentz-kovariante Gravitation, Deutung der Lorentz-Transformation als Drehung in einem vierdimensionalen Raum mit der Zeit als vierter Koordinate.
Keywords: Poincare; Einstein; Relativita¤tstheorie; Ae„ther; Lorentz
Downloads: 77
[texts]A Hundred Years of Physics - William Wilson
William Wilson A Hundred Years of Physics Duckworth & Co 1950 Acrobat 7 Pdf 12.7 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Relativity; Thermodynamics; Aether; Quantum Mechanics; Astrophysics
Downloads: 620
[texts]Relativity & Common Sense - Hermann Bondi
Hermann Bondi Relativity & Common Sense Heinemann Educational Books 1964 Acrobat 7 Pdf 21.1 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Michelson-Morley; Lorentz Transformation; Twin Paradox; Aether
Downloads: 1,057
[texts]Methodological and Historical Essays in the Natural and Social Sciences - Robert S. Cohen & Marx W. Wartofsky
Robert S. Cohen & Marx W. Wartofsky Methodological and Historical Essays in the Natural and Social Sciences D.Reidel Publishing Company 1974 Acrobat 7 Pdf 20.5 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Philosophy; Force; Inertia; Aether; Logic; Empiricism; Metaphysics
Downloads: 680
[unknown]Wiki - Craftland Minecraft Aether Server
Craftland Minecraft Aether Server dumped with WikiTeam tools.
Keywords: wiki; wikiteam; MediaWiki; Craftland Minecraft Aether Server; wikicraftlandorg_w; unknowncopyright
Downloads: 2
[movies]Joe Cell movie clips - various people
A zip-file with many of the small clips related to the Joe cell. Click here to download. (82 MB) Files: joe_cell_-_3stages_chop_stage1.wmv joe_cell_-_3stages_chop_stage2.wmv joe_cell_-_3stages_chop_stage3.wmv bill_williams_-_ford_running_on_water.avi joe_cell_-_ford_250_4WD_test_drive2_(DivX.mp3).avi 3cyl.wmv 4cyl.wmv 5cyl.wmv 6cyl.wmv phenom.wmv joe_cell_-_effects_of_various_water_levels.wmv joe_cell_-_explanation_of_the_anode_and_cathode_connections_and_locations.wmv joe_cell_-_vapor_rising_fr...
Keywords: joe cell; free energy; zero point; overunity; aether; orgone; ringorgone
Downloads: 294
[texts]Electromagnetic Theory ( Volume 2 ) - Alfred O'Rahilly
Alfred O'Rahilly Electromagnetic Theory - Volume 2 Dover Publications Inc. 1965 Acrobat 7 Pdf 21.8 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Electronics; Physics; Maxwell; Dielectric; Moving Charges; Aether; Relativity; Units; Dimensions
Downloads: 648
[texts]The Master of Light - Dorothy Michelson Livingston
Dorothy Michelson Livingston The Master of Light ( A Biography of Albert A. Michelson ) University of Chicago Press 1973 Acrobat 7 Pdf 20.4 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Biography; Physics; Optics; Interferometer; Aether; Speed of Light
Downloads: 1,090
[audio]The Sea Of Energy In Which The Earth Floats T Henry Moray
Audiobook text : https://keychests.com/~hnmsfejocdj
Keywords: radiant energy; free energy; t henry moray; aether; aetherforce
Downloads: 12
[audio]Krieg im Aether
Rundfunkpropaganda um das Dritte Reich 01. Zeit der aussenpolitischen Erfolge (12:36) 02. Propagandatheorien und Führerkult (6:34) 03. Das erste Kriegsjahr (1939/40) (12:01) 04. Propagandakompanien (PK) (6:29) 05. Krieg im Äther (4:15) 06. Luftschlacht um England (4:31) 07. Deutsche Aussenpolitik im Krieg (6:25) 08. Krieg im Osten (9:41) 09. Der Krieg im Äther wird härter (6:25) 10. Deutsche PK-Berichte (8:39) 11...
Keywords: Krieg im Aether; Rundfunk; Propaganda; Reich; NSDAP; Hitler; Goebbels
Downloads: 24
[texts]ARM ODM ILLUSTRATED - Robert Nazaryan and Haik Nazaryan
The aim of this current article is to illustrate in detail Armenian relativistic formulas and compare them with Lorentz relativistic formulas so that readers can easily differentiate these two theories and visualize how general and rich our Armenian Theory of Special Relativity really is with a spectacular build in asymmetry. Then we are going behind this comparison and illustrating that build in asymmetry inside Armenian Theory of Special Relativity is reincarnating the aether as a universal re...
Keywords: Armenian Relativity; Lorentz Relativity; Transformation Equations; Aether; Infinite Energy; Time Travel; Teleportation
Downloads: 7
[movies]The Invisible Realm Trevor James Constable Granada Forum 2008
Trevor James Constable is a world-reknowned author and historian, who has produced 10 non-fiction books, many well known to afficionados of famous fighter aces. He also served 31 years at sea, 26 of them as a radio officer in the U.S. Merchant Marines.His first book, "They Live In The Sky" in 1958, in which he advanced the shocking theory that UFOs were mainly invisible. He held also that our atmosphere was the home of huge, invisible living creatures, and that these were mutually confused with ...
Keywords: trevor james constable; aether; rain engineering; orgone; wilhelm reich; borderland sciences; weather modification; haarp
Downloads: 20
[texts]The Space Gecko Guide to Extra Dimensional Machines
This writing is a summary of what i have learned in my life, and how to replicate the extradimensional machines that psychedelics and meditation have brought through to me. I write this to you at what may be the end of my life, if i do not make it past 11/12/13, then you are the ones whom may carry this torch.
Keywords: free energy; psychedelics; space gecko; extradimensional; phi; sirius; grateful dead; implosion; aether; tesla
Downloads: 71
[texts]Space Gecko Guide 2014
This is an absolute testament and essence of my extradimensional research from living here on planet earth for 29 years thus far. I may be out of rescources and protection from the elements in 8 days from now, so i have published this work OPEN SOURCE to share with everyone, in case if i do not make it. this is a total knowledge upload, so that future generations can carry on this experience and exploration...
Keywords: space gecko; guide; tesla; schauberger; torsion; scalar; implosion; aether; mysticism; free energy; dimensional technology
Downloads: 82
[movies]Joe Cell charging process
Peter Stevens explains the process of charging a cell. Click here to download. (right-click and save target as) More info: Joe Cell - PESWiki Joe Cell Free Energy Device - Yahoo! Groups Joe Cell 2 Yahoo! Groups Ringorgone the movie Joe Cell invention - collection of videos Download other Joe Cell movie clips from The Internet Archive
Keywords: joe cell; new energy; free energy; overunity; zero point; orgone; aether; ringorgone
Downloads: 1,596
[texts]Symmetry in Armenian Theory of Special Relativity - Robert Nazaryan & Haik Nazaryan
AbstractIn this current article we are analyzing in detail T-symmetry (time reversal transformation) and P-symmetry (spatial inverse transformations) phenomenons in Armenian Theory of Relativity in one dimensional physical space.  For that purpose we are referring and using our previous articles results.  Especially in the case of research mirror reflection phenomena (spatial inversion) we are mostly referring to our main research article, published in Armenia in June 2013 (96 pages).We are de...
Keywords: Relativity; Armenian Relativity; Lorentz Relativity; Transformation Equations; Aether; Infinite Energy; Time Travel; Teleportation; Symmetry
Downloads: 1
[movies]L Fail's : Aether (PieceOfPie Edition)
We manage to stay in double figures for the framerate this time, but still some performance issues. Though they prove to be well worth dealing with in the long run For all the latest fails, follow my Facebook fanpage https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cake-Is-Not-A-Lie/175538095796283? and Twitter https://twitter.com/L_Coulsen Or, if you're after something more artistic, follow my other channel for all the latest on my literary pursuits, including so gloriously pretentious, self written, poetry ...
Keywords: searchonly; l fails; the basement colleciton; pauls gaming; piece of pie software; aether
Downloads: 3
[texts]The Theory of Light - Thomas Preston
Thomas Preston The Theory of Light Macmillan & Company Ltd. 1912 Acrobat 7 Pdf 103 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Physics; Optics; Reflection; Refraction; Interference; Diffraction; Polarisation; Velocity of Light; Fizeau; Michelson; Lodge; Aether; Radiation
Downloads: 368
[audio]Quintessence - Astral Light
"The cumbrous elements, earth, flood, air, fire; And this ethereal quintessence of heav'n Flew upward, spirited with various forms, That roll'd orbicular, and turn'd to stars Numberless." -Milton. Paradise Lost. III. 715--719
Keywords: Aether; Air; Ambient; Darkambient; Drone; Earth; Elements; Ether; Fire; Industrial; Quintessence; Water
Downloads: 8,149
[audio]Optical Framework - Aether Blueprints
CTR019 http://www.coldtear.com
Keywords: Optical Framework; Optical Frameworks; aether blueprints; cold tear records; ambient; field recordings
Downloads: 817
[texts]Introduction to Optics ( Geometrical & Physical ) - John Kellock Robertson
John Kellock Robertson Introduction to Optics ( Geometrical & Physical ) 4th.ed. D.Van Nostrand Company Inc. 1954 Acrobat 7 Pdf 57.7 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Physics; Optics; Velocity of Light; Huygens; Lens; Telescope; Microscope; Interference; Wave; Fraunhofer; Polarised Light; Spectra; Spectroscope; Gratings; Quantum Theory; Aether
Downloads: 833
[audio]Sailing Beyond Knowledge- Episode 16-Exploring the Cosmic Pulse of Life with Trevor James Constable - Carlita Shaw Montross of Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio
http://sailingbeyondknowledge.podomatic.com Carlita is honored to have a very special guest, a legendary pioneer for engineering the ether- Trevor James Constable. Visit Trevor's Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering website is at http://www.rainengineering.com/ Trevor James Constable, originally from New Zealand, worked in the merchant marines for over 31 years as a merchant marine radio officer, he travelled on enormous ships crossing the north eastern pacific ocean over 300 times, this gave him t...
Keywords: Trevor James Constable; Weather Engineering; ERE; Etheric Rain Engineering; Aether; Wilhelm Reich; Ruth Drown; Aliens; Organisms; Orbs; Tether incident; Jose Escamillia; Moon Rising; Cosmic Pulse of Life; Extraterrestrials; UFO; Life; Universe; Consciousness; Oligarchy; repression; free energy; pollution; drought. sustainability
Downloads: 242
[audio]Episode 6-(Quality Uberfail)
Warning:This episode is the product of many technical difficulties. If you are a first time listener, don't start here. Quality will be back up to par next week. Sorry everyone. Recorded:January 15, 2009 Introduce Canadian Guest Email Spaghetti O's Innovator Dead Coca Cola Phone Eggs and Bacon Super Babies Ugly Babies Meat From The...Petri Dish? Coke'd Up NASA Human Faced Goat Resurrecting Animals/Riding Mammoths Genetically Engineered Mini Wasps Wacky Uses-Mustard How To Kick The Bucket Music:A...
Keywords: Introduce Canadian Guest Email Spaghetti O's Innovator Dead Coca Cola Phone Eggs and Bacon Super Babies Ugly Babies Meat From The...Petri Dish? Coke'd Up NASA Human Faced Goat Resurrecting Animals/Riding Mammoths Genetically Engineered Mini Wasps Wacky Uses-Mustard How To Kick The Bucket Music:Aether-Conservative Force
Downloads: 18
[audio]DJ Booth - Night Vision Vol. 1 - DJ Booth
Night Vision is a semi-regularly released collection of tracks from both known and unknown musicians that bring about a laid back atmosphere for your night time activities. Genres include House, Electro, Hip Hop, IDM, and whatever else might fit. DJ Booth has been playing private parties and club gigs sporadically in the Austin, TX region since 2005. Much love to Beardology Records (www.BeardologyRecords.com) Tracklist: [00:00] - 01 - Roland Klinkenberg - Dusty Hoizon Interlude (Electric Clam Mi...
Keywords: DJ Booth; Night Vision; DJ Booth Night Vision; House; Electro; Hip Hop; IDM; Beardology Records; Roland Klinkenberg; i cactus; Ciaran Byrne; 8===D; The Hasbeens; 11t1; The Glove; Aether; Shag; Pantha du Prince; Aphex Twin; Wrexsoul; Rabbit Hole Revelations; Brodie; Rustie; Djuma Soundsystem; Ilya
Downloads: 142
[texts]Genesis - Proof of Grand Unified Field, a letter to Nassim Haramein - G. H. Bliss Iv
Dear Fellows: I am honored to publish my paper here, as proof of the long awaited Grand Unified Field and a case for the God Wave, as opposed to the Higgs-Boson God Particle that CERN has claimed to detect. This will put my claims at the frontier of research and possibly at odds with CERN itself. I have spoken directly with Nassim Haramein, of the Haramein-Rauscher Metric, during a scientific conference call Sept...
Keywords: physics; computation; computer; matter; galaxy; ether; aether; space; inertia; analog; wave; division; wave; waveform; u4; bubble; dual; torus; spacetime; manifold; Haramein; Einstein; Feynman; Aristotle; Newton; Maxwell; Fourier; Deyo; Bliss; genesis; biology; life; cell; mitosis; earthquakes; seismicity; global; warming; sun; sol; natural; selection; numbers; congruent; geometries; cosmological; constants
Downloads: 301
[audio]Explorers Of The Darkest Depths Volume Eight - Bedawang
Explorers Of The Darkest Depths Volume Eight EotDD returns with 18 artists reaching their aural tentacles to the listener, strangling every sanguineness of hope and leaving only blank void 01 - Ж. - Zvuci Bez Imena (http://soundcloud.com/zhille) 02 - Phantasm Nocturnes - Sonic Pressure (http://soundcloud.com/betty-koster) 03 - Enoja - Poketower (http://soundcloud.com/enoja) 04 - Aether Pilot - Trigger Process (http://soundcloud.com/aetherpilot) 05 - Karterpiller - Monster Of Steel And Glass (ht...
Keywords: Explorers Of The Darkest Depths; EOTDD; Zhille; ¨Phantasm Nocturnes; Enoja; Aether Pilot; Karterpiller; Couchwalker; Tymekz; Skozey Fetisch; MK-801; Hareb Gaston & Yasser; (toe)2f; Indian & Fox; Morgue's Last Choice; The Oxford Ambient Collectiv; Ancient Eyeball Recipe; Lungbutter; Comma; Henry Robert Walker
Downloads: 225
[texts]9780983477662 - John Picha, Grant Gardiner, Jack Philpott, Jose Cepeda, Anita Dime, N.R. Grabe, Rick “Paladin” Pratt, Russell Secord, John Taylor
This sci-fi smorgasbord serves up 9 retro tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1920s - 1940s. It drops you into the deco chiseled cities of alternate Americana, airlifts you to exotic locales, then rockets you to the farthest reaches of yesterday’s tomorrows!Witness the otherworldly genesis of Wild Marjoram in a Chicagoland speakeasy as the violence of the all-female Killdeer Gang reaches vigilante-inspired fever pitch in "The Birth."Flying taxis fight for space over New York as Johnny ...
Keywords: pulp; epulp; dieselpunk; dieselpunks; noir; heroes; 1930s; 1940s; retro; decopunk; ray gun gothic; adventure; magazine; Pandora Driver; World of Mañana; Tales of the Aether Age; Wild Marjoram; Ace Rango; Darkness Eternal; Bloom; Johnny Grant Private Eye; Rocket Molly Syndicate
Downloads: 121
[texts]Take Back Your Power - Bob Beck (suppressed medical discoveries) - Dr. Robert C Beck (Bob Beck)
Bob Beck was an established physicists that studied electromedicine. In his research he found 4 items that would be the cure to essentially all blood-borne illnesses & diseases. To prevent the prices of these devices from becoming inflated, he kept these devices in the research stage so thus all the things described in the document are hence considered theoretical. In the document, Bob beck describes how you can build all of these devices for essentially dirt cheap but you must contain a little ...
Keywords: cancer; aids; hiv; bob beck; cure to all disease; cure; colloidal silver; fda harassment; take back your power; magnetic pulser; patient; doctor; treatment; diagnosis; research; torrent; free; download; suppressed medical discovery; college of albert einstein; electromedicine; electromagnetic; magnetics; magnet; ozone; ozonated water; pulser; blood purification; blood; medical discoveries; stanley meyers; nikola tesla; wilhelm reich; royal rife; cancer society; pharmaceutical cartel; industrial-military complex; ron paul; politics; organic; ether; aether; wardenclyffe; orgone; energy; free; free devices; medical bills; nursing; nurses; inventions
Downloads: 2,530 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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